Our outdoors is open all year round to enable children and staff to explore and experience different types of weather – enjoying the sunshine and dry days playing in the water, climbing, planting in the allotment area through to winter and wet days when the children can be seen sledging down the big hill in the snow, building snowmen and discovering ice as well as splashing and jumping in puddles.

The children are free to move inside and out throughout the session. Materials and open-ended equipment are provided, giving the children opportunities to develop their own play.  Some activities are created by observing the children’s play in order to develop their ideas further, extending the children’s learning through their own play.


We are very privileged to have such a wonderful garden space which holds a host of experiences for all, here are but a few: tree climbing, exploring speed and direction, running during role play or on bikes and scooters, digging in our large sandpit, climbing and balancing on the wooden trim trail.



Green Room – Red Room – Kitchen – Nursery

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