‘Governance is the leadership, direction and control of an organisation. The function of governance is to ensure that an organisation or partnership fulfils its overall purpose, achieves its intended outcomes for citizens and service users and operates in an effective, efficient and ethical manner’ (Good Governance Standard for Public Services, 2005, p7)

Parklands Nursery and Children’s Centre is fortunate to have a dedicated and very supportive Governing body working to ensure the wellbeing of every child, family and member of staff using the centre. The Governing body consists of staff, parents, community and local authority governors.  We involve ourselves in everyday life at the Centre to ensure that we are always aware of current issues. The governing body have responsibility for the financial position of the centre as well as human resources and health and safety. It is our aim to provide the highest service possible to our community. The Governors are proud of Parklands and will continue to strive for growth and success.

If you would like any further information about Parklands Nursery School and Children’s Centre Governing body or are interested in becoming a Governor please contact the office on 01604 642118.