Green Room


An area of nursery where children can develop their physical, mathematical, literacy and technology skills. The graphics area is set up so children can independently access their equipment / resources such as scissors, pens, hole punch and envelopes. They are able to write using their own mark-making, whilst the adult extends and develops the children’s writing through discussion and modelling writing, working alongside the children. Books are available for children to share with both staff and others in the book corner. Children develop their imagination and communication skills when playing in the house – taking on another role, preparing dinner, talking on the telephone. There are opportunities for the children to the access the internet, as well as selecting their own programmes/games whilst on the ipads, computer or interactive board, as well as selecting the printer to print off their own work.

In this area there is equipment that lends itself to explore mathematical properties, concepts and ideas. The equipment can trigger exploration and discussion, developing mathematical ideas and generating mathematical language. The role of the practitioner is to identify the mathematical learning and underpin the learning by providing mathematical language through these discussions.

“If children are to succeed in mathematics the mathematical experiences offered to them in the setting must be based on what they know, have purpose and meaning, and make “human sense” to the child.” Martin Hughes(1986)





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