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Inside, Outside, Snack and Group time

We aim to provide a Nursery environment that is fun and challenging for the children, where children and the staff, with parents/ carers, learn and work together to support the children to achieve their full potential. The equipment and materials are organised so the children are able to access them for themselves, therefore promoting independent thinkers and learners, using the inside and outside provision. We want to inspire children and their families to want to learn, to want to be involved and to have fun.

Through their play, children are able to develop their physical, mathematical, literacy and technology skills. The graphics area is set up so children can independently access their equipment / resources such as scissors, pens, hole punch and envelopes. They are able to write using their own mark-making, whilst the adult extends and develops the children’s writing through discussion and modelling writing, working alongside the children. Books are available for children to share with both staff and others in the book corner. Children develop their imagination and communication skills when playing in the role-play area – taking on another role; drawing on their own past experiences and knowledge, with adult playing alongside to support and extend their play ideas. There are opportunities for the children to access the internet, as well as selecting their own programmes/games whilst on the iPads, computer or interactive board, as well as selecting the printer to print off their own work.

Within the Nursery, there is equipment that lends itself to explore mathematical properties, concepts and ideas. The equipment can trigger exploration and discussion, developing mathematical ideas and generating mathematical language. The role of the practitioner is to identify the mathematical learning and underpin the learning by providing mathematical language through these discussions.

“If children are to succeed in mathematics the mathematical experiences offered to them in the setting must be based on what they know, have purpose and meaning, and make “human sense” to the child.” Martin Hughes (1986)

Children are able to develop their creativity and exploration through different media – paint mixing, dough mixing, corn flour and clay. Experimenting in the water and sand using their hands or equipment, creating at the workshop with junk – joining and attaching with glue and cellotape as well as working with hammer and nails at the woodwork bench. There is a block area for constructing with a variety of different shaped and sized bricks, which develops the children’s imagination through role play and small world play too.


We are very privileged to have such a wonderful garden space which holds a host of experiences for all, here are but a few: tree climbing, exploring speed and direction, running during role play or on bikes and scooters, digging in our large sandpit, climbing and balancing on the wooden trim trail. Our outdoors is open all year round to enable children and staff to explore and experience different types of weather – enjoying the sunshine and dry days playing in the water, climbing, planting in the allotment area through to winter and wet days when the children can be seen sledging down the big hill in the snow, building snowmen and discovering ice as well as splashing and jumping in puddles.


The children can come independently for a snack throughout the nursery session. They follow the routine – finding their own snack card, cup and plate. The children are encouraged to make their own choices and decisions – whether its food or drink. As the year progresses children have the opportunity to create their own snacks whether it’s spreading their own toast or crackers, filling their pitta pocket or making their own sandwiches. Snacks is a great place to join in conversations with others, learn how to make their needs known, think about amounts and quantities and develop manners too!


We have a great time at group-time, sitting together and meeting our new friends, talking to each other, listening to each other, and joining in with music, drama and games, as well as listening to stories.

“The friendliness and helpfulness of the staff have helped my child settle into Nursery”

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