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Inside, Outside, Snack and Group time

The Playgroup is set up with well-planned quiet areas for play, exploration and creation as well as areas for physical and noisy play;-racing, climbing and running; meeting the needs of active, curious and creative two year olds who need to learn through play by doing, and using all of their senses. The children are able to play inside and outside, whatever the weather!

The staff spend time nurturing the children, providing them with a caring environment for them to thrive. Whilst Encouraging children to get messy and learn through their senses.

There is a keyworker system in place, giving the children a secure start at playgroup, and the parents have somebody familiar with whom they can talk to about their child.

Snack Time

Snacks are set up so the children are able to access them when they are ready, where they have opportunities to develop their skills of independence, social skills, and develop their skills in preparing foods for themselves. There are also discussions about eating healthily. We ask all parents about their child’s dietary requirements so are able to provide food that is suitable for each child.


We have a short group time at the end of each session, when the children get together in a small group to sing songs, listen to stories and talk to each other about their day.

“She is so positive and happy when we talk about Playgroup at home which shows how much she feels comfortable and settled”

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